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Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

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Transform Your Skin with Chemical Peels at Clarissa K Boutique

Clarissa K Boutique offers Chemical Peels that will transform your skin and reveal a radiant new you. Designed to treat fine wrinkles and skin ageing, our chemical peels, available in concentrations of 30%, 40%, and 50%, stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin ensuring the best possible results.

1. What is a Chemical Peel, and how does it work?

  • A Chemical Peel is a cosmetic treatment involving the application of a solution to the skin, removing dead cells and stimulating new cell growth. It improves skin tone and texture, reducing issues like age spots. Offering concentrations of 30%, 40%, and 50%.

2. What skin conditions can Chemical Peels address?

  • Chemical Peels are effective for treating fine lines, sun damage, acne, mild scarring, age spots, uneven skin colouring, actinic keratosis, rough skin, and dark patches (melasma).

3. Where on the body are Chemical Peels most commonly performed?

  • Chemical Peels are most commonly performed on the face, neck, or hands, addressing various skin concerns and enhancing overall skin health.

6. How does a Chemical Peel improve the appearance of the skin?

  • Chemical Peels remove dead skin cells, stimulate new cell growth, and improve skin appearance by reducing age spots, uneven skin tone, and other imperfections.

7. Are there different concentrations of Chemical Peels available?

  • Yes, Chemical Peels come in concentrations of 30%, 40%, and 50%, allowing for a customised approach based on individual skin needs.

8. Can I book multiple sessions of Chemical Peels?

  • Absolutely. We offer a package of two Chemical Peel sessions for £99, providing the best results to enhance skin vitality.

9. Is there any downtime after a Chemical Peel session?

  • While there may be mild redness post-treatment, downtime is minimal. It's advisable to follow post-treatment care guidelines provided by Clarissa K Boutique

10. How can I schedule my Chemical Peel session at Clarissa K Boutique?

  • Scheduling your Chemical Peel session is easy. Simply visit Clarissa K Boutique or WhatsApp 07398791025 to schedule your personalised consultation and treatment session.

Rediscover your skin's natural glow, reduce imperfections, and embrace a new level of confidence with Chemical Peels at Clarissa K Boutique. Book your session now and experience the luxury of skin rejuvenation.

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