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Clarissa K

Hot Stones Back Massage (30 mins)

Hot Stones Back Massage (30 mins)

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Unwind and rejuvenate with our invigorating 30-Minute Deep Tissue Back Massage. At Clarissa K Boutique, we understand the toll stress and tension can take on your body. Our skilled massage therapists are here to provide you with a tailored massage experience that targets deep-seated knots and leaves you feeling revitalised.

🌟 Treatment Features 🌟

✨ Targeted Muscle Relief: Our experienced therapists use specialized techniques to address muscle knots and tension, providing effective and focused relief.

✨ Personalised Approach: We recognise that every body is unique. Your massage will be customised to your preferences and specific areas of concern.

✨ Expert Techniques: Benefit from our therapists' expertise, who combine deep pressure and soothing strokes to create a truly transformative experience.

✨ Stress Reduction: Our Deep Tissue Back Massage eases physical tension and promotes relaxation of the mind, leaving you in a state of blissful calm.

✨ Efficient Time: Designed for those on the go, our 30-minute session offers quick and efficient relief, making it perfect for a lunch break treat or an after-work unwind.

🌸 Treatment Benefits 🌸

🌼 Muscle Tension Relief: Experience the release of built-up tension in your back muscles, as our massage targets deep knots and promotes relaxation.

🌼 Improved Flexibility: Feel the increased range of motion in your back as our techniques help to release stiffness and enhance flexibility.

🌼 Stress Melting Away: Let the cares of the day melt away as our expert therapists work their magic, leaving you with a renewed sense of tranquillity.

🌼 Enhanced Wellbeing: Beyond physical relief, our massage fosters a sense of overall well-being, rejuvenating your body and mind.

🌼 Time-Efficient Pampering: Even with a busy schedule, you deserve a moment of self-care. Our 30-minute session offers a quick escape from the demands of the day.

🌼 Tailored Comfort: We value your preferences. Let us know your comfort level, and we'll ensure your massage experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Indulge in the luxury of relaxation and self-care with our 30-Minute Deep Tissue Back Massage. Your journey to renewed vitality begins at Clarissa K Boutique.

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