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What Is A Birth Chart?

A birth chart (also referred to as a natal chart) can help you achieve your spiritual and personal goals. It is an interpretation is based on your birth details, comprising your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. It is an astrological snapshot of the time you were born, essentially showing how unique we are while remaining connected to collective consciousness and human experiences. Here is an examples of the astrological charts interpretation out of the many that can be explored:

General Chart Interpretation: A birth chart providing an interpretation of the leading life and love themes, challenges and understanding potential possibilities.

Vocational: A career interpretation showing the vocational potential shown within the birth chart.

Esoteric Astrology: Gives an insight into personal development and spiritual perception.

Forecasting: An insight into the transiting life themes that affect the birth, including an interpretation of past, present, and future trends.

Through birth chart interpretation, you would be given specific advice on your situation, gain insights into how to build a plan to reach your goals and a chance to go through all your questions.

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Hello Lovelies, I'm Clarissa K, Beauty, Wellness & Spiritual Guru. I shared guided messages using Tarot, and intuition and I further guide you through spiritual analytics using Psychological Astrology so that you can gain confidence in your intuitive knowing.

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