Lilith in Virgo 28° and Lilith in 3rd House

Lilith in Virgo 28° and Lilith in 3rd House

 Yes. The story of Lilith is super fascinating and so old and ancient, and when you think of her as a female archetype, she fits into modernity. She fits into now. Why? Because, we all have the ability to become Lilith, the wounded woman. So let's look at your Lilith. Lilith in the third house is going have effect on your mental capacities, your thinking process, the way you communicate.


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You are going to be independent thinking, rebel against things that are projected onto you. Question everything. Communicating when you were younger would have been quite difficult because to get that sense of independent thinking and rebellious thinking, you would first need to be confined and rejected, and made to feel undervalued.

So this can bring out Lilith when you are triggered. Lilith in Virgo is going be very sensitive and very intense about what their perfection is around them, but this may bring out critiquing detail about everything. Super hypersensitive to the way things are supposed to be.

You are quite reserved when it comes to desired intimate experiences. There may be something that holds you back in this area because of the fear of intimacy, the fear of not being perfect. When you let go, it'll be a supreme release.

28 degrees Virgo is going to indicate that you do like to spend long periods of time by yourself. There are times where you do like to go out, but it's got to be meaningful. It's got to be worthy of something, some kind of value. So combining all of those things, you definitely are forced to be reckoned with.

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