Lilith In Scorpio in the 7th House of Relationships & Partnerships

Lilith In Scorpio in the 7th House of Relationships & Partnerships

 Lilith in Scorpio in the seventh house, this is where we are going to see complete control over primal instincts within a relationship until either you or your partner are triggered. The more and more that you are triggered, the more comfortable you become with seeing yourself and your partner in both of your untapped, raw desires. Nothing is taboo.


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You want a deep connection while fear losing yourself within the connection. Lilith wants to regenerate, to be able to do this, everything needs to be stripped bare so it can be built on again, just so it can be transformed again. You may walk away from situations or even from run with situations only to be pulled back in again.

Lilith in Scorpio emotions are vastness that language cannot contain, feeling is only enough. You can encounter power plays, dark desire, intimacy to a high degree, codependency, jealousy, seduction. These will all be a switch for your Lilith in scorpion in the seventh house for you and your partner. However, who will have more control and who will be willing to submit. Be aware of projection so you can develop your sense of boundaries and remain in your "I".

Connect with what desire feels like when it's complete for you so that you can attract someone who is whole and not looking for you as the missing piece.

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