Lilith in Scorpio - 3rd House

Lilith in Scorpio - 3rd House

 Lilith in Scorpio in a third house will show a person who has a curious interest in the traits that reflect Lilith in Scorpio. This will be the mystery that lies underneath, this will be the understanding of the things that are in between the lines of life, this is also exploring how deep feminine desire can go,in fact, the desire of all.

@clarissakexplainsitall Replying to @blckqbysara Lilith in Scorpio - 3rd House. To mention also that this is an indication that communication with siblings can be difficult and there could be wounded energies surrounding the relationships. Allowing everyone to speak their truth can heal. #lilithinscorpio #lilithin3rdhouse #lilithinastrology #femininearchetype #astrologytiktok #astrologytiktok #clarissakexplainsitall #clarissakspiritualwellness ♬ original sound - Clarissa K Spiritual Wellness

This would have been seen from an early age where people would have had the curiosity about the things you are curious about. It may have led to a few eyebrows being raised and may be continuously being raised. 

Lilith in Scorpion in the third house explores your mindset, so you have to be careful about what you say. What you can say can trigger, and can also sting to the point of no return. Lilith also manifests, so you have to be careful what you wish for because you will attract and you will project into your environment. 

The Lilith of power here is for you to remain in your truth whether people like it or not. You are always authentic. Staying true to yourself will help you to understand that anybody can speak to you about anything. They can come to you and get the healing that they need.

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