Lilith in Sagittarius Conjunct Pluto in Scorpio - 4th House

Lilith in Sagittarius Conjunct Pluto in Scorpio - 4th House

 Lilith in the fourth house, the house of our home, our roots, our mother and our mother's karma will indicate that there is some kind of sensitivity or wounds surrounding home. 


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 The home went against tradition with Lilith being in Sagittarius. You could have gone either of two ways. To become one with those beliefs. In order to protect yourself or even reject, maybe fight against those beliefs because of the way the responsibility and burden made you feel. There are some triggers that remain.  Some things that are unresolved. Pluto in Scorpio conjunct your Lilith in Sagittarius in the fourth house, it is going to suggest that there was mistreatment. This would have made it very hard to express through communication. 

There is some deep healing needed to feel comfortable at home  and comfortable in your sense of home. Lilith in Sagittarius wants freedom from it all. The ability to discover what family can truly mean in your sense. 

Lilith in Sagittarius conjunct Pluto in Scorpio in the fourth house wants you to change the karma of your family. Wants you to be able to discover your own power, to transform your way and to make the karmic cycle stop with you. You are the breakthrough the family need.

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