Lilith in Libra 29° and 1181 Lilith in Scorpio

Lilith in Libra 29° and 1181 Lilith in Scorpio

 Ooh, so you have Lilith in Libra at 29 degrees, just one degree away from being Lilith in Scorpio. Super interesting. Yes, we can consider that Scorpio energy is going to have an effect on your Lilith in Libra because energy is not fixed. It's fluid, it goes wherever it wants to go. However, you must also consider that you were born at 29 degrees, so this will create an energetic focus. And 29 degrees is one of the most karmic degrees to be born with.


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 You will have an acute awareness of partnerships, particularly desire within partnerships. So you will attract dark desire because part of you is wanting dark desire. Through the process of discernment, you will be able to know whether your partner is good or bad for you.

Now your 1181 Lilith in Scorpio. Yes, she's going to be a bad B. People do not realise how dark you will take them into the depths because you meet them with your Libra charm, smile and grace diploma. But when triggered or when you want, you'll take them into the depths of the unknown. How will they be able to remove themselves from such illicit desire?

You can let me know if this is true.

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