Lilith Conjunct Mercury in the 12th House

Lilith Conjunct Mercury in the 12th House

Lilith conjunct Mercury in the 12th house is going to make you super reflective as a person. This is because you have created a safe container for your thoughts. There are many instances where your point of view was rejected, undervalued, and silenced, especially when it was different from the expectation that was projected onto you.


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This led to feeling like your words and your thoughts were always muted by others. This is how to remain in effect. You could be highly critical of yourself, always overanalysing your own capabilities, when in fact your capabilities are immense.  23 degrees Pisces will show that you are highly intellectual, knowing things that a lot of people will not know.

You have the ability to overcome the courage that's always been. There may be something that you want to prove. Maybe even help others feel more empowered about their own abilities and capabilities. 

You never let anybody know what you are truly thinking. That is Reserved for the privileged or if you are provoked. And when you are provoked, they will hear the truths that they had long forgotten. You bring it to the light and you let everybody know how vulnerable they really are, or these could be the conversations that you replay in your head with different outcomes every time where you always win. Speaking out your thoughts in a safe place is going to be an excellent resolve for you. Which will also bring out the gifts.

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