Clarissa K - The Awakening 2023 Event

Clarissa K - The Awakening 2023 Event

Congratulations to Amanda Green for organising the extraordinary event known as "The Awakening." This event was specifically designed to foster enlightenment in professional working environments, seamlessly blending spirituality with the corporate world. The setting at Stonyhurst College in Clitheroe was truly magnificent.

I had the privilege of being one of the exhibitors, focusing on showcasing skincare and promoting our beauty room. Additionally, I offered 15-minute astrology readings, which were incredibly well-received, with a line forming for eager enlightenment seekers.

This overwhelming response reaffirmed the growing interest in self-discovery and the willingness of individuals to explore alternative avenues for answers they sense within themselves.

The event was a beautiful and enlightening day, where I had the pleasure of meeting many incredible people who experienced epiphanies through the various activities. The event featured outstanding speakers, and I, too, had enlightening moments.

I'm deeply passionate about events like "The Awakening" and hope to see it continue. Feel free to check out the video and share your thoughts with me.
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