Who Is Lilith?

Who Is Lilith?

So who is Lilith? Why does she even matter? She's the female archetype that rejects any control over her will and over her desires. She is the dark feminine that is within us all. She does not conform to any of the feminine principles that are expected within womanhood. While, at the same time, she uses her dark feminine desires to get what she wants. In Jewish folklore, it is noted that she's Adam's first wife, made equal and cast out of the Garden of Eden when she refused to be subordinate to Adam.

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After such rejection, she became unhinged and vengeful, unable to heal. She's depicted in many ancient stories and goes by many different names. She's ultimately the wounded feminine. In astrology, she shows us where our triggers are. She shows us what we will not conform to and why we won't conform to those things.

She also shows us the way in which we use our dark feminine desires to get what we want. In a man's chart, she shows the type of dark feminine heat. Lilith has sparked interest again in modernity because she's a reflection of the conversations we are currently having. The ability to be rejected for following what would be determined as your own desires.

A good question to ask is, can our dark feminine ever be held? Is it supposed to be?

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