Lilith in Scorpio Square Venus in Aquarius

Lilith in Scorpio Square Venus in Aquarius

 Lilith in Scorpio Square Venus in Aquarius, conjunct Ascendant is going have a dichotomy between wanting intense deep intimacy interaction that is on another level, transformative, while also being uncomfortable with the level of primal desire that is projected onto them. 

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Venus in Aquarius will want a relationship and love that allows them to express the eclectic expression. While Lilith in Scorpio will attract people who want to be so close, it's like they are under the skin. You attract people that you eventually want to push away. Your carefree attitude switches on their innate desire and wanting freedom and space, even running away only makes a desire even stronger. This is where an element of control and possessive tendencies can be seen in your partners.

To bring peace to your Lilith in Scorpio square Venus in Aquarius, you have to acknowledge that your concept of relationships is alternative. It is part of your love journey to balance the ideal level of freedom that you would. As well as acknowledging that you will attract very intense relationships that do want to transform you. Your level of transformation is up to you. Express exactly what you want in relationships and don't accept anything less.

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