Lilith in Pisces in the 1st house

Lilith in Pisces in the 1st house

 Lilith in Pisces in the first house is going to have an intense and mysterious, powerful energy around them that will be sensed by everybody. You attract many into your life but you may find it a difficult process to find out who they really are with Lilith in Pisces in the first house. You are going to be interacting with the Lilith of archetype that lives within us all and she will be projected onto you.


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 Guarding your energy will be a must. From an early age, your body image would have been a huge topic for you because you have would been made to feel a certain way by those around you for whatever reason. Those negative interactions may have made you feel as though you were not worthy. You may have chosen escapism or even held onto something that made you feel as those everything was real, very grounded because that was the space that you could control.

Only with maturity do these things change. When exploring your version of what life means, and accepting the flaws of humans, that is when you feel like you start to begin to grow. You start to begin to accept who you are as a powerful being. When you start to allow your powerful presence to be something that is positive in your life, people start to see how you change and how you are physically able to manifest.

The things you want. Your Pisces charm and sensual energy will soften the edges of Lilith. When she feels something she has to feel in supreme heights. Choose your circle wisely so you can express your gifts fully.

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