Lilith in Aquarius 16° and Saturn in Aquarius - 10th House

Lilith in Aquarius 16° and Saturn in Aquarius - 10th House

 In Aquarius in the 10th and then you also mentioned Saturn in Aquarius in the tenth house. So much to unpack, but let's start with the fact that Lilith in the tenth house in Aquarius is going to be seen by everybody. So you are rebellious, self-driven, and idealistic, being different is a cause. These qualities are going to have an effect on your career and your reputation.


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Before we get into that, we need to just highlight that Lilith in the tenth house is going to have a conflict with masculine energies. You will be sensitive to anybody that tries to control you while attracting people that Lilith needs to be able to rebel against. Lilith here has a desire to challenge the status quo.

This stems from having a parent, too domineering, quite demanding and had very high expectations making you now want to have nothing but the best. There is a point to prove. 

You have been trying to strive to overcome the feeling of self-consciousness and thinking that you are going to fail, you really are not. You will lead, you do lead. Your market is those who understand how you feel. You have to show more of how you have overcome.

Saturn in Aquarius in the tenth house. Chef's Kiss. Very prudent. Task, masking, managerial. You are building long-term success for the future. Things that have not happened yet, but you are innately connected to knowing will come. You are working towards karmic gifts. You understand that limitation and restriction are actually the guiding rails to life's knowing. 

Lilith in Aquarius at 16 degrees is going to reflect your level of effort back to you and make you wrestle with knowing what you are capable of. So you may need constant inspiration or even a mentor to help you stay inspired and motivated.

I hope that helps.

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